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Last updated on 30-Aug-2001.

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Partner Collaboration description D2SET Project
Adil Zine
We provide source code of CQIA. , under the GNU GPL, and gave some advices regarding space thermal bahaviour for micro-satellite. CQIA.
Cesar Perez
Translation form English to French of a small readme of the project. Imfradim is the GNU GPL. Translation service
Dimitri van Heesch
We pursue the maintenance of the localization in French of Doxygen up to version 1.2.0. Translation service
Lorenzo Bettini
  • One functionality has been added to the GNU GPL software java2html . We use it for online documentation of the project.
  • Unformal promotion of java2html
Remark: java2html is now a part of Source highlight
Artificial Anthill
Martin Gebert
We have translated and we maintain the French location of Ksrc2html . Ksrc2html, software under the GNU GPL, is a front-end for Linux KDE for Source highlite . Translation service
Sungho JO
Both Xavier and Sungho adapted old sources made on Silicon Graphics to work on a Windows platform. Laser-FO coupling

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