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Last updated on 30-Aug-2001.

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       Presentation of Rebol

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Rebol presentation:

Rebol is a language younger than Sun Corp Java. In our opinion it is really promising. The interpreter Rebol 2.2 has been ported on more than 37 different platforms. The syntax doesn't derived from C; codes and data are mixed together in blocs which can be evaluated, executed, or communicated. To communicate, because Rebol is an "Internet ready" language , very at ease in manipulating e-mails, URLs or communications ports.

The Rebol Site Builder Project:

We have chosen this language in order to create a script to generate this web site. Each participant in the redaction of these pages gives an HTML file that only contains the main page - the one you are now reading. The script is in charge of creating frames and menus, dealing with links, correcting on fly texts to homogenize the presentation, and synchronizing through FTP with our server, Multimania !

Of course there are a lot of commercial softwares to do this job and more but their cost ... let's say it: professionals are not for the budget of a young not-for-profit association. And anyway, it is more important for us to master these technologies - before creating new ones. Rebol could be a precious tool to impose the age of the "all communicating".

To know more about it, we invite you to visit the official site of Rebol .

http:/ / en/ projects/ site/ RebolSiteBuilder/ Rebol.html