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Welcome to the D2SET web page !

D2SETis an association having for goal to create a network between search, industry, and the students, through innovating projects, concrete and ludic.

This site is a significant platform for our young association since our room is the world, and the Internet is our tool of communication. Discover who we are, what we want, what we offer, this site is for  you!

A mailing-list of information on our association is at your disposal. If you want to contact us, to question us, to challenge us, to criticize us, to congratulate us, or who knows to join us, just write us.

The president: Stéphane Bagnier

PS: As English is not our native language (Haven't you remarked it yet ?), any remarks about the language will be appreciated. These English texts were created by Xavier Outhier, and corrected by Randy Parent and Bénédicte B. Thanks !

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