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Last updated on 30-Aug-2001.

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       Presentation of D2SET

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Sciences and technologies are not subjects to be retained inside borders. Major scientific projects imply an interdisciplinary collaboration without any national limit. Companies have evolved to international scales where technical challenges involve more and more competences. Meanwhile, a primordial link, between research and industry, remain too thin and fragile. These two natural partners should be reconciled.

D2SET was born thanks to our conviction that diversity and exchanges are a major advantage for scientific and technical development. We believe that the most efficient way to achieve this idea is through concrete projects.

D2SET 's vocation is to put together people from different horizons with the aim of realizing projects related to science, technics and technologies.
Its aim is also to help its members to succeed in the job market through the promotion and valorization of their competences.
The association proposes to give a structural help:
  • in obtaining and diffusing information in the field of science, technic and legal matters,
  • in sharing individual experiences between its members,
  • in facilitating the link between research and industry,
  • in giving a material help, such as supplying computer resources, by the creation of a network of Internet sites, or by the creation of a library.
Finally the association will intent to offer its services at european and international levels, to facilitate its members' mobility, according to their means.
A plus?

A plus for the industrial

The projects of D2SET will offer the industrialist the opportunity to valorize his scientific and technical competence. His help, directly in the heart of the development mechanism, is a privileged way to communicate with the students and other partners of the project. These experiences often lead to new applications of technologies and techniques already used and thus strengthen concretely the examples of the industrialist's know how. Industrial look-out, image and network of contacts are the essential elements that D2SET could bring to the private company.

A plus for the researcher

The researcher will see his work go outside his/her laboratory and be recognized by a wider public. Concerning popularization, the Web bring a new element still under use that we propose to set to work: interactivity. A bridge toward the industrial word will bring him a new point of view, more concrete, on his/her work. The researcher will enrich of a new know-how and will benefit of the means that will be offered to him from his partnership.

A plus for the student

A student will have a chance to experience his/her qualities of creativity and of rigor. D2SET will be for him/her a support to have contacts. It could be the occasion to extend an undergraduate project or to experience of the most accurate methods in direct collaboration with the best. This effort will be validated as soon as the project in which he/she was involved will end and will then be benefit for himself/herself.

Who are we?

D2SET officially has been existing since the 5th of June 1999. Its members come from various horizons: students, graduated, engineers, researchers, creators, ...

Some of us have been involved in the conception and implementation of an ambitious software program regarding space thermal behavior for microsatellites (less than 50 kg). This project was initiated by two associations: "le Club Aerospatial Cellois" (CAC) and "AMSAT-France". It finds its origin in their unstructured leisure time which prooves that a small group of students motivated by a common goal can find innovative and efficient solutions.

Our aim is to give other groups the means to realize their own projects thanks to a nest of talents that set up D2SET .

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