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Last updated on 30-Aug-2001.

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The aim of this page is to present the association through the projects that its members already realized.
You can consult the profile of a member by clicking on his/her name. You also can consult directly a project that interests you.

If you have any remark or request for information, you can write us .

Mathieu GISSELBRECHT (Member of administration concil of D2SET)
My web page:

Adam GOSSELET (Secretary of D2SET)
PhD student in geophysics
You can write to me

Mathieu LAFAGE
Computer science research engineer

PhD student in "Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale", Orsay University

Xavier OUTHIER (Vice-president of D2SET)
Software Engineer at ANF-Data (Prague) subsidiary of Siemens
You can write to me

5 members presented to you 26 projects in which they have been involved.

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