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       Xavier OUTHIER

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(Vice-president of D2SET)
Software Engineer at ANF-Data (Prague) subsidiary of Siemens
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Project: Network-telecom
Place: Prague (Czech Republic) and Vienna (Austria)
Date: Since February 1999
Summary: In telecom domain, I develop software regarding Voice over IP (VoIP) and digital network phone (ISDN). I work on signalling level with the following protocols from IP side H.323, SIP and from ISDN side Q.931, 4ESS, Ni2, DMS250, DEX600.

Project: Intership of my postgrade degree year in Electronic Imagery (University Paris 6).
Place: Cérésys Reshaerch company in natural and artificial vision
Date: October 1997 - December 1998
Summary: I took part in 2 projects in which i used the C++ library of the company: Improvment of the GUI of an imagery database used for traning of photointerpreters. Implemention of a prototyp for pattern recognition on moving objects.

Project: Treatment of coloured picture for the soccer robot of the team of the University of Paris 6 at Robocup 98
Place: My postgrade degree year in Electronic Imagery (University Paris 6).
Date: Between April and June 98
Summary: I implemented the software part to dicriminate the differents parts of the playing field. Then the data were given to the upper level of artificial intelligence and mechanic control of the robots.

Project: Computation of laser_optical fiber coupling.
Place: Czech Technical University at Prague
Date: May - August 1997
Summary: Design and impolementation of a C++ code to compute the coupling betwen a laser beam and a single mode optical fiber. The relative position between the beam and the fiber could be whatever This module has been integrated in a commercial software of the English company Kidger Optics.

Project: Fiber optic sensor.
Place: Degree year at University Paris 7
Date: May 1997
Summary: Bibliography report on the state of art on fiber optic sensor. Optical fibers can be used in a wide range of physics phenomena: liquid level, chemical composition, pressure, temperature, acceleration, sound, radiation, ...

Project: CQIA. software regarding space thermal behavious
Place: During leasure time
Date: Since 1995
Summary: Design an implementation of the code regarding software thermal behaviour "CQIA." (Stupid name that is merly undestandable but if you are Frecnh speaker.) Realised in cooperation with Julien Forest and Jean-François Lévêque. Modelization and simulation of the htermal behaviour of the micro-satellite Maëlle for l'AMSAT-France. The software has also been used for the Franco-Russian nano-staellite that commemorated the first launched satellite SPOUTNIK 1BIS-RS 17, launched in 1997 (cf. profile of Julien Forest).

Project: Scientific service
Place: DAEC, Observatoiry of Meudon, under the direction of Roland Grappin.
Date: November 1995 - May 1997
Summary: Stydy of the feasability to parallelize a code of simulation of 2D hydrodynamiccal solar wind in cylindrical coordinate. I particularly studied the jonction between zones allocated for each processor.I used PVM and MPI libraries.

Project: Study of the atmosphere of Titan. Intership of my degree year at the University
Place: Service Aeronomy, Jussieu, under the direction of Michel Cabane.
Date: June - September 1995
Summary: The cloudy structure of Titan is still enigmous. It seems that there is a detached layer of clouds between high and low atmospehere. I proved that is was not possible to explain that fact using 2 altitude of production of aerosol particules one being fractals, the other sperical and smallest that would fill the firsts.

Project: Wave propagation software. Project at University (3rd year)
Place: University Jussieu Paris 7, under the direction of Jacques Le Bourlot and Gérard Rebman.
Date: Second semester 1994
Summary: Conception and implementation of the fisrt version of Photowave, program of propagation of 2D scalar wave. With collaboration of Julien Forest.

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