Version française

The Web site is the first step for building D2SET. It's the vector of our communication and our "office" on the web. Its development is for us the occasion to evaluate new technologies such as the language Rebol with the project Rebol Site Builder.

We choose this language to create a script generating this web site. Each participant that write a page, give an html file that contains only the main page - the one you are currently reading. The purpose of the script is to create frames (that was for the previous version), menus, manage links, correct on the fly text to homogenize the presentation and synchonize via ftp with the server of Multimania!

Of course, it exists commercial software that do that and much more, but their costs... lets says profesional ... are out of question for a young association and we think it's more important to understand these technologies - before to present some new ones. Rebol could be a precious tool to impose the age of the "all communicating".