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The Web site is the first step for building D2SET. It is the vector of our comminication and our "offices" on the Web. The differrent components of this site have all been realised by the members on their leisure time. Its developement is for us the occasion to eveluate new tecjnologies like these languages CSS, XML, XSL, Python, Javascript, Java or Rebol.

Project: Design of the site
Realised by: S. Bagnier and all the members of the association.
Summary: Conception and realization of this site.
Technology: HTML, Javascript, CSS, XML, XSL.

Project: Rebol Site Builder
Realised by: S. Bagnier, J-F. Lévêque (have also participed M. Lafage and J-M Lekston).
Summary: Script to automate the automate the maintainance of the site.
Technology: Rebol.
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Project: Glossary
Realised by: X. Outhier, A. Gosselet.
Summary: Glossairy of technical terms
Technology: XML, XSL, HTML, Perl.
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Project: Profiles
Realised by: X Outhier.
Summary: Online members' profiles.
Technology: XML, XSL, HTML.
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Project: Usefull links
Realised by: G. Sookahet, M. Gisselbrecht, F. Lepeintre., X. Outhier
Summary: Strutured and documented link pages related to science and programming.
Technology: Efficient search on Internet, XML, XSL, HTML.
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Project: Our realizations online
Realised by: J. Forest and members that gave their documents
Summary: Pages that centralize archives and informations regarding our realizations.
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Project: Initiation to project management.
Realised by: O. Hablot, C. Bouvet, S. Bagnier.
Summary: Page that will present our stategy in project management.
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