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Last updated on 30-Aug-2001.

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        We created D2SET to answer need that arised during management and realisation if different individual or collective projects. The main difficulty arised from the nature of the projects themselves. They were at the crossing of different domains and for soemof them at the interface research-industry.

        If most of this works were an integral part of the University studies or the research job of member of the association (intership, thesis, ...), other experiences are more a personnal work, like free monography or projects done for associations. These works sometime even lead to interesting alternative solutions.

        We tried to introduce briefly each project from its context of development as well as from the scientific point of vue. If these works should not be considered like directly matching of the current objectives of D2SET, their initilaization and their context are still the basis of the way of doing of the association.

        Then, some of these works correspond to internal communication or even to graduate studies often recent. They have not yet been controled by any comitee. The guanranty of their scientific content is then let to the discretion of their authors. Meanwhile, the goal of this present compilation is to group the know-how and the experience that was acquired with them. We tried to filful this goal by offering on-line documentation, source code, mathematics methods, experimental protocols, ...


        CQIA. Software regarding space thermal behavior for micro and nono satellite.

               General presentation (in French only)

        Current balance calculation in a magnetic field aligned double plasma probe system


        Study of the motion of a compass in an oscillating magnetic field

               Introduction (in French only)

        Modeling of a network gas - Hydrodynamic Numerical Simulation

              Introduction (in French only)

        Lauching coupling efficiency calculations from optical systems to single mode fibre


        Photowave Program of simulation of Scalar Waves propagation in 2D

               Photowave (in French only)

        Overview of fiber optic sensors in 1997

               Report on fiber optic sensors (in French only)

Projects sorted by authors:

          Caroline BACHELET
           Gas on lattice   (in French only)
          Stéphane BAGNIER
           Gas on lattice   (in French only)
           Space thermal simulation   (in French only)
          Julien Forest
           Magnetic field - Space Plasma
           Space thermal simulation   (in French only)
           Photowave   (in French only)
          Raul Jimenez Gomez
           Compass in a magnetic field   (in French only)
          Adam Gosselet
           Compass in a magnetic field   (in French only)
          Jean-François Lévêque
           Space thermal simulation   (in French only)
          Xavier Outhier
           Space thermal simulation   (in French only)
           Photowave   (in French only)
           Coupling Laser - FO
           Report on fiber optic sensors   (in French only)

All the presented documents are exclusive proprietary of the authors, of D2SET Association and eventual partners of the projects. Any copy, repoduction or use, even partial, for all but personnal usage are prohobited regarding the laws of the intellectual rights. For any information, please feel free to contact us .

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