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Last updated on 30-Aug-2001.

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Our young association has already several active projects:

The web site is the first step in the building of D2SET. It is the vector of our communication and our "siège social" on the web. Its development is our way to evaluate new technologies, like the Rebol language . From now, you will find informations concerning our aims and a glossary. Some links and our previous projects will be soon presented.

One of our priorities is to facilitate exchanges between our members through the creation of a web server. As an interdisciplinary platform, it must become a virtual laboratory putting together knowledge in the field of sciences and technics. This project is a partnership with a start-up company of the Net. It will mix numerous technologies, from Web-ring to middleware.

A third project is also alive in the range of collective Artificial Intelligence (AI): the Artificial Anthill . It's a short term project and it will allow us to experience the project management. It also will be done in partnership with researchers and industrials and will be for the wide public.

We are thinking of other projects like applications of artificial intelligence to acquire and analyze environment, modeling of complex systems...

The projects supported by D2SET must depend on You . Please feel free to contact us for any propositions or remarks.

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